How to Make Your Home Rat Free

Having rats in your houses can cause some distress and become scary. But if there is a small infestation then you can easily make your house rat-free. Rats are larger than mice and need more food. However, they can survive much longer without food as well. Rats are very dangerous and can cause several diseases. They carry many parasite and bacteria on and within them. Anything nibbled by them should be discarded and should not be consumed. If you have rats in your house, you should always check anything you consume for rat nibbling. If consumed, you may develop many diseases. Your first option should be contacting Professional Pest Control Services. If you do not have a serious and recurring problem, here are some ways to get rid of rats.

Best Rodent Pest Control Services

Best Rodent Pest Control Services

Ways to Get Rid of Rats.

  • Traps

    Traps are specially designed to catch any rodent or rat. The trap consists of a bait and a mechanism which traps the rat when it tries to eat the bait. Traps are a good method to catch rats. Once caught you will have to take the rat along with the trap and set it free somewhere away from your house. If you can manage to handle a live rat while it is trapped, this method can be used.

  • Baits

    Baits are poisoned rat food. Rats are attracted towards bait, eat it and get poisoned. Many doses of baits are required to kill a rat as rats are very cautious while trying new food, if they notice some harm caused by the food, they will always avoid it and if they sense no harm, they spend all day nibbling at it. So the bait does not kill the rat immediately after a rat finds it safe, it will start consuming it at a very fast rate and get severely poisoned, the rat will ultimately die in its nest.

  • House Maintenance

    Maintaining your house involves, sealing all the cracks and the entry points for rats. Regular cleaning, fixing any water leaks as these promote Rodent Pest Control Control. Proper waste management and food storage will help you in the long run.

Rodent Control Services

Rodent Control Services

Need Help With Rat Infestation? Hire Our Company

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